Dry Gulch Chapel 2010

For the past 2 summers, my team has had the privilege of creating chapel services for our Dry Gulch summer camps. Our goal each year is to make camp chapel the most memorable experience of the summer for kids. So we take the best of what we do in Kids On The Move and migrate to Dry Gulch for the summer.

We brought our most energetic worship leaders, our best communicators, and our funniest characters to every service in every session. This was quite a commitment since there were a total of 12 sessions with 4 services each from June to August (with 4 weekly church services still happening back home). But knowing the potential impact the teaching would make on the lives of thousands of boys and girls from all across America, it was definitely worth it.

This video will give you a glimpse into what our services are like. This particular service was designed to wrap up each camp session. Our teaching theme this year was Jesus Is Alive, Right Now. My message was called “I Can Live For Jesus, Right Now”.


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