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When I get together with creative leaders at other churches, the conversation always works its way around to, “how many people are on your team and what do they do?”

So, I thought a good first blog from me would be to answer that question. At COTM, I head up what we call the Performing Arts department. What that basically covers is everything that happens in our weekend services: worship, lighting, audio, production, videos, graphic design, and probably more stuff that I’m forgetting. The bottom line is, if it happens in a weekend service, I’m responsible for it.

Our department is broken up into two pieces: the creative side and the production side. Our production side is led by Andrew Stone, who you’ll be hearing from on this blog in the near future. For the sake of keeping this post slightly shorter than the Bible, I’ll only talk about the creative side.

I’ll warn you, we don’t have job descriptions or job titles. We all do a little bit of everything so it’s hard to draw distinct line between who does what around here, but I’ll try.

Angie Woods // @angiewittywoods

Angie’s been with me for almost 6 years now. I love working with her because she thinks like I do and she gets things done. She’s basically a producer. We pass her projects and she develops them. She finds and interviews candidates for testimony videos. This is a real art and she’s learned it well.

Chris Munch // @cmunch78

Chris has been at COTM for an eternity. He started as a writer for us but has learned to be a really good editor. His best quality is that he’s a storyteller, so we put him on all our videos that require a story to be told, like interviews. He’s also an AMAZING actor. If you haven’t seen his work in Dad Life, you need to check it out.

Gary Hornstien // @ghornstien

Gary is our motion graphics guru. He takes the projects we work on and makes them look good. He’s the guy who shoots just about everything we do and he’s also the only technically savvy guy we have, so when we have problems we go to Gary.

Jesse Andersen // @jra3086

Jesse is the guy who makes things happen. He’s basically a project manager. He’s the checklist guy. The rest of us are pretty bad with details, but Jesse thrives on them so we hand him projects like creating a website or having some a banner printed and he gets it done.

Andy Chrisman // @andychrisman

Andy is our worship pastor so he oversees everybody that works on our worship team. A lot of his time is spent in rehearsals prepping for the weekends and other events that we do. When he’s not in rehearsal, he’s usually brainstorming with us about an upcoming event.

Marcos Cruz // @marcokeys1

Marcos has been at COTM longer than any of us. He’s the band director. He makes sure that musicians are scheduled and ready to play. He creates charts for all of our music and keeps our musicians sounding great.

Kenneth Weston // @kennethjweston

Kenneth has been at COTM since he was a kid. Now he’s a huge part of our team. He’s a co-leader with Andy on the weekends and he also writes music for our children’s environments.

Daniel Chrisman // @echoflyer

Daniel’s our lead guitar player for the weekends and he also leads worship in our Varsity services on Wednesday. He keeps our guitars sounding good by constantly tweaking sounds and adjusting pedals. In addition, he’s our go-to guy for new song arrangements.

Alright, so that’s most of us. We also have 3 current interns who help with various projects here and there, and we’ll have a couple more via NEXT. Hope this was helpful! If you have a more specific question about our team or how we work, just email me.

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Whitney George
Lead Pastor
Whitney George is the Executive Pastor at Church on the Move, where he oversees the operations and ministries of the church. Whitney is passionate about the local church and loves connecting with other church leaders. He and his wife, Heather, have five children and he loves Notre Dame football.