COTM Design Core Values

It’s no secret, Church on the Move loves to be creative. Because art belongs in the church. Art is an expression of ideas and emotion that can speak to anyone, it communicates beyond words.

COTM Design team believes this to our core. It’s not merely about making something look cool, it’s about communicating an idea, a feeling, a truth.

But first, let’s agree on this fact: God is the author of creativity. It’s in His power we operate, draw inspiration from, and give credit to. He breathed talent into us to spread His Word to the ends of the earth. Don’t ever forget that He did this first... we’re here to be His ambassadors. It’s with that understanding that we stand on these core values...

  1. We get to do this. Don’t ever lose sight of the fact that what we do is a privilege. We GET TO create for the church. We GET TO explore design. We GET TO use our talents to introduce people to Jesus. We GET TO. Don’t let yourself lose the wonder. If it becomes you have to, then it’s time to find a new seat.

  2. Be curious. Keep your eyes and ears always open...and keep yourself present to what God is doing in your life. He created you to be curious, to be observant. Be a consumer of all things creative, movies, music, shows, art galleries. If we’re to reach the unchurched, we’d better understand the world that surrounds us (and them!).

  3. Sweat the details. “God is in the details.” If the work we’re creating is on behalf of the Lord Himself, then shouldn’t we to do it as if He’s the got the final sign-off? Get the details right. Proof your copy. Make sure your files will print properly. Check for bugs in your code. Get the details right... give your very best. God deserves it. (And so do the lost folks you’re here to reach!)

  4. Be professional. Remind yourself that you’re the perfect one to do the very task before you. People are counting on you to do what only you can do. You’re a professional... you represent your church, it’s leadership & staff, and the Lord Himself. You’re a reflection of all that’s good... and if you’re not careful, the opposite. When we deal with our business partners and vendors, we might be their only connection to Jesus. Let’s make it a great one!

  5. Communicate. Habakkuk 2:2 declares: “Write my answer plainly on tablets, so that a runner can carry the correct message to others.” Things move fast in the church. If you’re not sure about something: ASK & listen. If you think someone else isn’t sure of the latest development: SPEAK UP and share. Our team is involved in nearly every aspect of the church, and that means missed information can wreck a good plan. Be a good team member and communicate.

  6. Fail often! Not everything is going to work perfectly. Don’t shy away from that... embrace it. There’s no shame in using failed opportunities as a learning experience. Even more importantly, PUSH yourself past your comfort zone. Learn a new skill, try something you’ve always wanted to try, be willing to put yourself out there. We’re all in this together.

  7. Enable others. When possible, let’s set others up to grow. Leadership means helping others learn what they’re capable of, so let’s them do exactly that. Find opportunities to build systems that allow people to take some of the responsibilities, not to lighten your load, but so you can focus on what you’re expert at!

Now, go forth and create! Remember... we GET to do this!

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Greg Vennerholm
Design Director
Venny serves as the Design Director for Church on the Move. He brings his passion for crisp, clear design to everything he works on at COTM, which includes interactive and print projects. His 25 years in the agency world did not, however, prepare him for the ridiculously fast pace of Church on the Move.