SeedsConf 2017 Design Details

Seeds Conference 2017 is in the books. And what a week. Over 2100 pastors, creatives, leaders, volunteers and everything in between collided in Tulsa for three days of fun.

As the design team, we have a blast dreaming up the look of the conference, and as much work as it ends up being, we walk away as refreshed as the attendees. There’s something about being among your peers... sharing stories, talking shop, and learning from each other.

As is true of any SeedsConf, we love to welcome you with our best... and we transform the building to prove it. Here’s a little behind the scenes info, and specifics of the materials used.

A quick note: our team ends up with roughly 130 +/- to-do’s, and many of them have sub-tasks. There’s no way I’d rehash all of them here, instead, I’ll hit some highlights and new things we tried.


Transparency was a big idea for us. Sharing with our peers where we are as a church, what lessons we’ve learned since we last invited you into our house. The design team wanted this to be clear.

From the very beginning, the concept of using a transparent color way throughout the conference was a key idea. We began with the glass art (window displays) and let it carry through the building. We explored several looks, ultimately opting for a simple approach. Big gorgeous blocks of color, with the strong SEEDS block type knocked out.

Some of the work-sketches form the process:

A very intentional byproduct of this approach is that the afternoon sun “paints” our lobbies with juicy color. It’s a beautiful sight.

We also carried that transparent color into two of our main lobby spaces by way of clear Lexan panels, with the same color material applied (Oracal is the color film). It’s a striking sight, and lends a touch of color to some otherwise ordinary-looking spaces.

In the Room

This year, the design team collaborated more than ever before on some of the screen looks visible in the auditorium. From some of the screen content during worship to the host moments, to the speaker intros and of course the preach looks our intention was to “bring the environment” into the auditorium. Stay tuned for even more pics in a post coming this weekend!


Wayfinding can be a tricky thing.... thousands of folks in our building, some for the first time, and needing to find breakout rooms, restrooms, and everything else.

In years past, we used large (8’ x 36” diameter) concrete forms wrapped in vinyl for maps and schedules... they worked, but also took up valuable floorspace.

This year, we took a higher-level approach... literally. We wrapped some of our large walls that are plainly visible from afar. The idea was simple: be helpful. Be clear.

These wall wraps were very successful... they let us put the schedules and maps (in context of the building) up and over the heads of the crowds. No one could miss them.

Smaller Scale

And for good measure, we brought back the pocket map, but this year we added a pocket flap for easy storage of the workshop handouts (new this year).

Also so we didn’t forget that mobile is everything, our mobile concierge site was back in force this year, with schedules, maps, and most importantly, Tulsa’s best coffee shops. Check it out here:

Of course it wouldn’t be a conference without some tees... and this year was no different (with the exception that we sold out of the first time ever). In fact, we had to halt sales to our staff and volunteers to ensure the attendees had a decent shot at snagging a tee.

Don’t Sit on It

A few years ago, we introduced a large set of “SEEDS” letters on the lawn. It became a popular photo op. This year we brought it back, and freshened it up with the new type lockup.

Interesting note: It’s made of foam. Yes... FOAM. So you folks who sat on it for your pics... we’re glad it didn’t break! Next time... how about you just stand next to it? Thx!

Feel free to drop a comment if there’s anything in particular you’d like to know. We love to share anything and everything... don’t be shy!

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Greg Vennerholm
Design Director
Venny serves as the Design Director for Church on the Move. He brings his passion for crisp, clear design to everything he works on at COTM, which includes interactive and print projects. His 25 years in the agency world did not, however, prepare him for the ridiculously fast pace of Church on the Move.