COTMArts Weekend Evaluation

Throughout many of the changes we’ve been working through in the last few years, we’ve tried to keep our evaluative mindset at the forefront. It might be most visible amongst out Arts team (Music, Creative, Production) as they’ve found that to effectively gauge a weekend they needed a target to aim for.

They developed the following list of questions for our campus worship pastors to answer immediately after the weekend experiences to determine how well the team is hitting these targets.

The bulk of these questions are not about how the weekend felt, but how the teams and systems worked together to pull off a common vision for the weekend. These questions also shine a light on how our worship pastors prepared during the week which can help them identify patterns in their communication and scheduling processes. They try to gather this important feedback as close to “game day” as possible as many details and notes can get lost as they move on to the next thing.

(Click the image below for a PDF version of the form.)

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