Building for Scale

We love design. Print, interactive, tees, signage, flowers... okay, not flowers. Seriously though, our team loves to get involved wherever we can... You can see the problem in that, right? We want to touch so many projects that we simply can’t keep up.

Adding to the fray, our church was changing from an “all for the weekend” to “everything AND the weekend,” (more about that at Seeds Conference) our team simply couldn’t keep up.

Something had to change... if we ever hoped to keep up of our church’s growing needs (or, call me crazy, get ahead), we needed to build to scale.

Some pretty big changes needed to happen. We moved the digital design team into it’s own physical space, reinvented how we work, and set our sights on scaling up. We love our work, but to grow, we had to get healthy.

We started focusing on the key things that needed attention: communication, process & team.

Speak Up | We physically relocated to another part of the campus... previously, we’d been part of one of our biggest “clients.” Getting some separation was critical to finding balance with other needs in the ministry. (The principle is simple: being too close to one need means you might not see other needs as clearly.)

That separation meant that free-flowing communication became all the more important. The headline here is that we all need to speak up. If you’re not clear about something, you need to chase it down. And fast.

Process | Designers: don’t bail on this one. If you’re like us, so often you want to jump to the fun part and start slinging art around. You have to stop and consider the bigger picture, be aware of how our effective your process is (or isn’t). Be honest with yourself, or better yet, ask others for feedback. Once you start to understand how you process effects your creative output, you’ll see an increase. (And so will the people you serve!)

Team | We went two years without a project manager... when you consider we touched about 750 projects in 2016, not having a PM was painful. As desperate as we were to fill such a key role, it needed to be the right person. Do you have the right people in the right seat? Especially for a small team, this is a huge principle to get right.

Our passion is to create, to make things that help people come to a relationship with Christ. And we get to use design to do it... but with each day, we’re getting better at the “how” of it all.

Coming to Seeds Conference (July 18-20)? We’d love to connect with you while you’re here! Sign up here and we’ll see you soon!

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Greg Vennerholm
Design Director
Venny serves as the Design Director for Church on the Move. He brings his passion for crisp, clear design to everything he works on at COTM, which includes interactive and print projects. His 25 years in the agency world did not, however, prepare him for the ridiculously fast pace of Church on the Move.