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Today’s guest blog post is from none other than the great Lee Cockerell. Lee spent more than 40 years in the hospitality industry developing skills and learning lessons in leadership with some incredible companies, including Walt Disney World, where he was the Executive Vice President of Operations for all of Walt Disney World Resort. Lee’s expertise in organization and management has given him a tremendous ability to lead enormous teams of people. We are proud and honored that Lee has agreed to write a blog post for us. In fact, he had so much wisdom to share with us that we had to break it into two parts!

Routine Can Make a Good Life a Great Life

Time Management is not really about time. It is about keeping your life under control. It is about using time wisely and doing what you must.


I suggest you follow one of the most important points in my new book, Time Management Magic…How To Get More Done Every Day. That point is to make sure you sit down every morning and “think about your whole life and plan your day, including scheduling the priorities in your life.”


When I say schedule your priorities, I mean to put them right into your calendar on your phone or in your paper day-planner. You can even use the alarm system on your phone to make sure you keep all appointments with yourself.

My top three priorities are me, my family and my finances and business. As my wife Priscilla says, “Lee, take care of yourself so you can take care of us.”


Take the “time” to keep your whole life under control, if not for you, then for your family and loved ones. Think about how routine can improve all parts of your life dramatically.

Time Management Magic…How To Get More Done Every Day will teach you how to live a long, healthy and magical life. We all have routines. Just make sure you have good ones!

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