The Magic is in the Word

This principle is the foundation that our children’s ministry is built on, and nobody in the church world dare to downplay its value. However it also appears to be overly obvious, a given, and consequently it may be the easiest to lose grip of.

It is so simple to drift into developing a service or teaching from the origin of “cool.” Someone sees a cool prop idea on Instagram, or a new game on Fallon, or a tweet of a sweet stage set and then they take that idea and try to wrap a Biblical connection to it. The final product can end up “cool,” but the idea never seems to hit home the way that person was hoping it would because it lacked a substantial origin.

The goal for us is not to have these amazing, mind-blowing services, but rather our goal is real life change in kids. We want our kids to stop feeling guilt for their parents splitting up. We want them to be able to turn out the lights when they go to bed and not be afraid. We want our kids to be healed. We want our kids to stop hanging out with “that friend” because they see where that friendship will take them. We want that back row kid who goes through hell at home to beg his grandma to bring him back next weekend so he can be baptized. And that real life change can only come from God’s Word.

Because of this, every segment we do is designed to help drive a simple, scriptural truth that leads to a clear action step. That last part is so important for real life change to happen! We want to show the person of Jesus, but we have got to make sure we show our kids how they can personally respond to Him. Each illustration, sketch, story concludes with a very clear “do.” A child accurately presented Jesus, encouraged by the Word, and having a clear “do” can make big things happen!

When we make a premium on teaching the Word, it’s amazing to see how creative ideas flow to help us illustrate a principle rather than taking a “cool” idea and trying to loosely tie God to it. We keep our eyes open for the latest and greatest, and put those ideas into a catalog for reference, but when it comes time to plan we start with the Word: “What does God want His kids to know about Him? What is the best way to illustrate that? And what action step do they need?” And not only do our kids remember when we start with the Word, but it leads them to true life change.

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