Why We Record Our Rehearsals

At the end of every weekly rehearsal our audio engineer records a full run through of the weekend worship set. That rehearsal is then uploaded to Planning Center. There are a bunch of reasons why we do this:

  1. It forces us to run the entire set from start to finish, including all transitions and jams (musical interludes that are played under presenters, videos, special creative moments, etc.). Knowing that we have to get a full run through recorded protects us from the attitude of “we’ll just figure it out this weekend.”

  2. We cannot accurately gauge the feel of the songs from the stage. Having a board recording will give us a better idea of what’s actually happening in the house.

  3. We have time to make tweaks. It’s better to hear what we need to change on Friday before it’s too late on Sunday. I can’t tell you how many times our team has gathered to listen to the recording and realized that we were headed for a train wreck. It’s not uncommon for us to cut or add a chorus, radically change or even ditch an entire song based on what we hear the next day.

  4. We can get the sounds right. We believe that “the sound is the song,” and if the sounds aren’t right, the song’s all wrong. Having time to dwell on each keyboard sound, guitar tone, drum pattern, or vocal quality helps us give each song the best chance of succeeding.

  5. We don’t come in cold before the first service. Being able to listen to the rehearsal again as I do yard work on Saturday keeps me engaged in the set. Every team member is strongly encouraged to listen to the recording at least twice, especially on their way to the church.

  6. It gives us a fairly accurate picture of where the memorable moments will happen in the set. It seems counterintuitive to anticipate ahead of time where God will show up, but with a well rehearsed set that we can listen to multiple times we can feel where those moments are. This helps to better prepare what we’ll say, or not say, between or in the midst of the songs.

If you don’t have a way to record your rehearsal through your console consider setting up a video camera in the back of the room. This would give you the added bonus of watching stage movement and body language. However you can do it, record it! It will help make your weekend tighter and an overall better experience.

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Andy Chrisman
Worship Pastor
Andy came to Church on the Move in 2005, having been in the music industry for over 25 years. He's dedicated to raising up the next generation of worship leaders, and even though he spent many years with the group 4him, he says he's "having more fun now than I ever did on the road."