Consultation for Your Children's Ministry

I’ve been traveling the country for years now, and one of the biggest needs I’ve seen in churches is a strong children’s ministry. It can be very difficult for people to buy into a kids ministry; in fact, some senior pastors even have difficulty investing time into their children’s ministry. But we know at COTM, and I have seen, that when you honor and put emphasis on your children’s ministry, God will honor you and it makes a big difference in your church.

Over the last seven years, my son Gabe has been running and leading the children’s ministry at COTM. Recently, Gabe’s been in a transition and he and his wife are preparing to start a church in L.A. Until then, he’s looking to consult and help churches develop their children’s ministries. I have seen firsthand how Gabe was able to transform our children’s ministry, and have no doubt that there are a lot of churches that could benefit from his knowledge. Here are some things that Gabe did in our kid’s ministry that could also benefit yours.

  • He put a high emphasis on safety and security.
  • He had a passion for raising up strong men.
  • He helped to raise up young leaders.
  • He pursued excellence in performance and creativity.

If you are interested in having Gabe consult your children’s ministry, click here to contact him.

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Willie George
Founding and Teaching Pastor
Founder and Senior Pastor of Church on the Move.