Better You, Better Worship (Pt. 5)

(You can find the earlier posts in this series here: #1 Pray, #2 Read, #3 Talk, #4 Listen)

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”
- Frederick Douglass

I’ve learned over the past several years to pay attention to that pit in my gut when things come together too easily. The service order that fell onto the page in ten minutes, the rehearsal that took only an hour, the creative element that took only one meeting to nail down - these are things that make me nervous. I know from past experience that even though we can put together good services with minimal effort they are rarely memorable or satisfying.

Putting “Struggle” on our weekly list of to-do’s is a reminder to time take to wrestle with the things that come easily to us, asking questions such as...

Is our music feeling redundant or tired? Are there ways we could freshen up our arrangements and sounds? It’s worth the extra effort to make music you actually like and find interesting!

Are we getting better at what we do? Are we stretching our boundaries, becoming better musicians, looking for new ways to express ourselves?

Is the service order on autopilot? We all have templates that are tried and true. But I challenge myself to change things up before I feel that things are getting stagnant.

Are the right people in the right places? Do we have the right combo of players set to play this weekend? It’s easier to just put available names on the roster than to find the players and singers who can pull off what we want to do.

Are we confident walking out of rehearsal that we’ve put together a compelling worship set? Have we set the proper tone? It’s worth the extra run-through to know that you know that you know. This, more than anything, is why we’ve been hired. Make sure you take time to wrestle with the worship set, looking at it from every angle, making sure you can believe in it and stand by it.

One more thought - struggle with who you are and what it is you’re called to do. Taking for granted that you’re good at what you do will cause you to lose focus over time. Ask yourself the hard questions and refuse to settle for okay. Struggling is a prerequisite for growth.

So, what do you need to struggle with?

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Andy Chrisman
Worship Pastor
Andy came to Church on the Move in 2005, having been in the music industry for over 25 years. He's dedicated to raising up the next generation of worship leaders, and even though he spent many years with the group 4him, he says he's "having more fun now than I ever did on the road."