In Case You Missed It...

Here’s a look at some of our favorite resources that have been made available for download over the last few months.

“Loved” - Kids on the Move Song

Our kids ministry team regularly puts out worship songs for our elementary age kids. “Loved” is the newest of those songs and was written as part of our summer camp theme. You can download the music video (includes lyrics!) in all it’s 80s glory and the dance instructional vid as well.

“Fixing Us” - COTM Series

This was a recent 7-part series we did on marriage designed to help the couples in our church strengthen the relationship with their spouse. We had a lot of fun with the openers for each week and crafted a video element which has been one of the more moving moments in our services this year. Message notes are included, along with the series artwork and video pieces as well. You can watch all of the services from this series here.

“Me, My Selfie & I” - Oneighty Series

This series focused on the issues of identity that many teenagers struggle with. You’ll find the notes from the message included and while we covered 3 points in one night, the content could easily be broken up into 3 weeks. Artwork and video bumper included.

“The Story of David & Saul” - Kids on the Move Story Video

This super fun video was created for our elementary service and is one of many in this style that our team uses to re-tell Bible stories and communicate a principle that our kids can take home and apply.

“Changing for Good” - COTM Series

We kicked off the new year by talking about 4 ways to make 2014 better than 2013 with this series on how to make your resolutions stick. 3 promo videos, message notes, and series artwork all included in this series download. Watch full services from this series here.

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