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I listen to a lot of music. I try and set apart time every day to explore Spotify, iTunes, etc. to find new music/sounds/vibes or to be reunited with albums that I’d forgotten about over the years. It’s truly amazing how much good stuff is out there! Taking a cue from Whit’s book blog I thought I’d let you in on some of the music I’m currently listening to and what’s inspiring me at the moment.

Coldplay - “Ghost Stories
I’ll be honest - I hated it the first time I heard it. It wasn’t what I was expecting and at first listen it felt like a “B-sides” record. But the more I play it (about 50 times now), the more I fall in love with its maturity and resonating beauty. Oh, that we could write such achingly beautiful songs for the church on a regular basis.

Hillsong Young & Free - “We Are Young & Free
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the newest iteration of Hillsong worship, and you’re probably in the minority if you didn’t use “Alive” in your Easter services this year. For all of its youthful exuberance and 80s synth glory, there are some very well written songs on here. To date, we’ve put eight (EIGHT!) of them into our weekly rotation. This is the rare worship album that can span the divide of youth and adult worship. Bravo HY&F!

Jagwar Ma - “Howlin
I discover a lot of music through my 18-year daughter Kayleigh, not to mention our younger worship leaders and interns. She played this album for me a month or so ago and I was hooked! I really dig the sounds and sonic spacing on this project, and I’m a sucker for well-produced vocals.

Todd Terje - “It’s Album Time
I’m a (proud) 80s music nerd - keyboard bass, heavy synth and monster hooks. Give me Eurythmics, Level 42, and Tears for Fears over today’s top 40, every time. I guess that’s why Todd Terje has become one of my favorite artists.

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Andy Chrisman
Worship Pastor
Andy came to Church on the Move in 2005, having been in the music industry for over 25 years. He's dedicated to raising up the next generation of worship leaders, and even though he spent many years with the group 4him, he says he's "having more fun now than I ever did on the road."