Video Announcements: Pick Up The Pace

One of the biggest issues we see with announcement presenters is speaking too slowly. When you speak slowly, you’re putting off a couple of bad vibes. First off, a slow pace communicates that you don’t respect your audience. It’s kind of like saying, “You guys aren’t very sharp, I’ll keep this slow, so you can hang with me.” Secondly, it’s just boring. Have you ever had to listen to a slow talker? Maybe a college professor, bad preacher, or a lady who teaches the food handlers permit classes at the fairgrounds? We’ve all been in a situation like that and we loathe it!

The ultimate goal is for your pace to just feel natural. When it’s natural, your audience believes what you’re saying and you’ve instantly added energy to your delivery. Here are some video examples of too-slow and natural pacing. How does your pacing compare?

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