Video Announcements: Don't Take That Tone With Me

Don't Take That Tone With Me

The tone you take with your audience reflects the level of respect you have for them, so you want to get this one right. Think of the tone you take as a little gauge. You can be way too sweet (like a 75 year-old woman talking to kittens) or way too formal (like an airline stewardess giving her seat belt spiel as you taxi toward the runway).

‘Sweet’ is the tone you take with kids pretty often, but when you’re sweet with adults, it feels like you’re talking down to them. ‘Formal’ is the tone you take in a professional setting, but when you’re formal in church, you can come off as stiff and boring.

The tone we take in our announcement videos hits right between those two extremes. It’s just how you talk to your friends.

Here’s a tip if you need help finding the right tone: think about who you’re really talking to. Don’t talk to a room full of people. Just pick one person who feels like a great representation of who’s in your crowd and talk to them. When I’m presenting, I imagine myself talking to a guy in our church named Ken. He’s a well-respected business man, he likes sports and he’s a dad, too. Just an all around man’s man. When I talk to Ken, I know I’m not leaning too sweet or too formal. I’m right where I need to be.

Take a look at the sweet, formal and conversational videos below and see where you fall on the gauge.

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