Video Announcements: Express Yourself

Express Yourself

We love teleprompters. They make life on the announcement set so much easier, but one of the toughest things to overcome when you’re using a teleprompter is NOT looking like you’re reading. Your eyes glaze over as you stare at the text on the screen. It’s tempting to check out mentally, because you don’t have to think too hard about what you’re saying; you’re just reading. When you look like you’re reading, your audience won’t connect with you or believe a word you’re saying. If your audience doesn’t believe you, you won’t be able to move them to action.

There’s two things you can try if you want to get past the “I can tell you’re reading” thing that keeps happening week after week: 1) Ditch the prompter and see if it was the thing holding you back or 2) Learn to express yourself in front of the camera and keep your timesaving pal, the teleprompter, around.

If option 2 is the one you’re going with, let’s talk about how to use your natural facial expression in front of the camera. Expressive on screen hosts make their eyes do the talking. Move your eyebrows up and down like you do in conversations with your friends. Scrunch your forehead, smile and use the muscles in your face when you talk! Obviously, you could take this over the top and look like an idiot. That’s why we’re emphasizing “NATURAL” expression. When you get this right, it brings passion and excitement to your delivery and your audience will find it much easier to believe you.

Take a look at the videos below to see how big of a difference an expressive delivery can make in front of the camera.

Side note: you may have a current host who is not naturally expressive. Some people are just naturally inexpressive. It’s a personality thing. All truth on the table...they probably won’t make the friendliest on screen host. Ain’t no shame in gettin’ out of the game.

We’d love to hear from you! Where do you struggle with this? What have you done in your situation to improve?

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