It's Time to Rehearse!

Our KOTM services are very production heavy. The elementary creative team spends hours throughout the week creating services that are extremely intentional with their message while still being exciting. When a kid walks out of service, we want to know that they know the Big Answer to the Big Question (What did you learn at church today?) While there are many people involved in every service, there are only a handful of them who attend the creative meetings. That’s where I come in. My job is to take what our creative team dreams up and communicate the needs to everyone involved. Questions must be answered like:

  • Who’s hosting?
  • Who’s preaching?
  • What songs are we doing?
  • Will we have a band or just tracks?
  • How many dancers will be on stage?
  • Who needs a handheld / headset?
  • What are our lighting cues?
  • What’s the “moment” of the service?
  • What are our transitions?
  • How do we get props / puppets on stage?

So how do we make the jigsaw pieces fall into place? Sitting down with our production guys is really just the beginning. There are singers, dancers, speakers, CG operators, lighting guys, musicians, puppeteers, the list goes on. So, what’s the key? Andrew Stone once told me, “If you have a mistake happen in your service, it’s not because of what’s happening right then, it’s because of the lack of preparation leading up to that point.” It’s very true. So, how do we make sure we’re ready? It’s in one word: REHEARSAL.

Nearly every time we’ve had a mess up on stage, it was because someone didn’t know the information they needed, information that would have been covered in rehearsal.

After we create the concept, here is our plan of communication and rehearsal:


5:00 PM // Meeting with production to go over our service schedule

6:15 PM // Dancers’ rehearsal


1:30 PM // Meeting (all hosts, production manager, band leader)

2:00 PM // Band rehearsal (if we’re doing a live band) and sketch read through with hosts / actors

3:15 PM // Dancers’ call time

4:00 PM // Full service run-through (all songs, sketches, misc. cues)

5:30 PM // Doors open

After our Saturday service, we’ll meet. If we need to, we’ll make tweaks or cut parts of the service. Our goal is to produce a fluid service that communicates a story and the truth of God’s Word. There’s not too much we consider sacred. If a segment doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. We return on Sunday for another full run-through, with any changes.


7:15 AM // Hosts and band arrive

7:30 AM // Call time and full service run-through

I’m convinced that you can’t over communicate service details to the team. You can’t assume that everyone will know what’s happening, even if you planned a similar service to last week’s. Send emails as ideas are being conceived. Shoot a text after a meeting. Communication is a must! That’ll keep the jigsaw falling into place.

So there you have it. I’d love to hear any feedback!

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