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Graphic Design Job Opening

UPDATE: This position has been filled. Thanks to everyone who sent in a portfolio for review!

Church on the Move is looking for a graphic designer. We work fast, pivot even faster, and find ways to get things done. We’re a very close group of creatives, and we want one more collaborator to help get it all done.

This is a full-time, live-in-Tulsa opportunity, not an internship. Though we love design interns, this isn’t that. We want someone who can come join us and immediately contribute.

Specific qualifications:

  • Thick skin. No seriously, rhino skin would be a positive here. Our incessant pursuit of excellence can be a lot to handle, but the end product is worth it. Along with this is a willingness to take strong direction. You’ll be working for and with people with very clear ideas of what they want, so be ready to act on things as your directed.

  • An impressive portfolio is a must. We need to see that you can do it, have done it, and want to do more of it.

  • A solid understanding of graphic design principles, specifically typographic excellence & compositional awareness.

  • A keen eye for where design trends are heading.

  • An extreme proficiency in CS6, including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

  • A good command of printing (offset, digital, screen printing). We still do a good deal of print work, and you should come in with a functional knowledge of these methods.

  • Great communication skills… be able to succinctly express yourself.

Bonus points:

  • Interactive design skills are always welcome.

  • Writing skills. We think on our feet. A lot. Having the ability to put words together is a definite plus.

  • BA or Associate’s degree in design/marketing is a plus, but not required.

Interested? Send us an email with your portfolio link.

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Greg Vennerholm
Design Director
Venny serves as the Design Director for Church on the Move. He brings his passion for crisp, clear design to everything he works on at COTM, which includes interactive and print projects. His 25 years in the agency world did not, however, prepare him for the ridiculously fast pace of Church on the Move.