Mix Overview (Literally)

Recently at SeedsU, I was able to spend a great deal of time articulating my thoughts on what kind of preparation and rehearsal I prefer while leading up to a performance. With this in mind, our video guys helped me put together a cool bird’s eye camera shot of what’s going on in the audio booth during a normal service.

Here’s the point of this video: it’s interesting that even with so much technical gear within arm’s reach, the actual fader moves and mixing part of what I’m doing during an event remains quite minimal. This is primarily because I utilize my time smartly during rehearsal to do as much as I can to get things figured out and dialed in up front. This allows my focus during the event to stay dedicated on the performance aspects coming from the stage and how the audio mix (and production side in general) is relating to the people in the room.

Our crew has heard me say this but it bears repeating: If you see me running around crazed during an event, you’ll know right off that I didn’t adequately prepare. Nothing can take the place of preparation and repetition in almost any field especially something musical and/or technical. So use this video not to “ooh and aah” about what’s going on, but as a demonstration of how low-key a house mix can be if enough prep time is put into it. Rest assured that if you prep adequately for an event, the mix can be greatly improved because your focus can remain on the quality of the mix and the audio product instead of the the trillions of details you could’ve dealt with earlier.

Now for the audio nerds (yes I am one of you!), click here to see the input list from this weekend so you can try and make out what inputs are where on the consoles. For those who are really into this, here’s my VCA breakdown from which I rarely stray while mixing:

1 - Drums
2 - Band (ALL musical instruments minus drums)
3 - Lead Gtr
4 - Rhythm Guitar
5 - Keys 1
6 - Keys 2
7 - Backstage vocals
8 - Frontline vocals
9 - Delays
10 - F/X (all effect inputs minus delays)

Enjoy! For the full final Vimeo posting from this weekend, please click here.

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Andrew Stone
Production Manager
Andrew serves as the Production Manager at Church on the Move. He has 25 years of experience in the touring world with a diverse range of entertainers which has brought a unique perspective to his position here. Although a bit unorthodox in approach, his experience and creative problem-solving have helped COTM redesign the production and implementation of their live services and events.