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This Thursday at 9:00 am CST we open registration for our brand new Seeds StreamPass, and honestly, we’re pretty excited about it. If you’re not familiar with what the Seeds StreamPass is, it’s an inexpensive way for members of your team to experience Seeds Conference via internet live stream without traveling here. For a small registration fee ($99 for 1-9 viewers and $299 for 10+ viewers) you get a live video stream of every general session and over 20 workshop sessions. So, while we still believe that there’s simply no substitute for being here, we also know that travel isn’t cheap and budgets are limited so we think that the Seeds StreamPass is the next best thing.

Now, here’s how it will work: the price structure is based off of the number of viewers at each computer, so an individual registration fee of $99 means up to 9 people can view one stream on one computer (not 9 streams on 9 different computers). So, for instance, let’s say you have your computer set up in your church conference room with 5 members of your creative team watching with you, that’s $99. And let’s say that simultaneously you have a computer hooked up to your video projection screen in your auditorium with 35 youth ministry volunteers watching that stream, that’s $299. So, in total, you’d pay $398 for one individual stream and one group stream. The pricing is based entirely off of the number of viewers at each computer, make sense?

Now, here are a couple of things to keep in mind: First off, there’s no way we can regulate how many people you have watching each live stream you purchase so we’re counting on you to honor the rules here. Technically, you could purchase a $99 individual rate and have 35 people gathered around watching and we’d never know but that’s between you and God. Second, keep in mind that the StreamPass ID will only work on one computer at a time so if you have a kid’s ministry staff member wanting to watch the kid’s ministry workshop stream and a creative ministry staff member wanting to watch the creative ministry workshop stream they’ll have to fight it out over who watches what or you’ll simply need to purchase a second StreamPass ID on a second computer so you can stream both at once. Third, any sessions you miss, either because we weren’t able to stream them, or because you weren’t able to watch them will be recorded and made available as MP3s absolutely free to you at the close of the conference. Additionally, video all of the general sessions will be made available to you for free as well. At this time we have no plans to make any sort of DVR option available so if you can’t watch the stream live go ahead and purchase the $99 individual registration and all the audio and video files will be made available to you at the close of the conference.

So, if you or your entire team aren’t able to make it out to Seeds Conference this year we hope you’ll consider joining us online via the Seeds StreamPass. Registration opens January 10th. See you online!

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Whitney George
Lead Pastor
Whitney George is the Executive Pastor at Church on the Move, where he oversees the operations and ministries of the church. Whitney is passionate about the local church and loves connecting with other church leaders. He and his wife, Heather, have five children and he loves Notre Dame football.