Secrets of Great Guitar Tone (Part 1)

I get a lot questions every week from guitar players on how I create the tone I get on stage here at COTM. They want to know what amps, what pedals, what guitars, what settings, what picks, what I’m wearing… you get the picture. I’ll let all of you in on the secret behind my tone and therefore my confidence...

Andrew Stone.

Andrew and I work very hard together almost daily to achieve what we feel each song needs in guitar world and here is why: Who knows the room (auditorium) better? Who knows the mix better? Who holds the power to turn me down or mute me?

Andrew Stone.

Every room you play in reacts differently to your setup. Spend time with your Front of House Engineer out in the seats listening to your tone through the system and converse with each other on what you are wanting to hear or changes you are wanting to make.

Andrew and I meet weekly to talk tones, vision and guitar changes. I will never step on stage with a new setup, or throw on a new amp, or even try out a new guitar before I first meet with Stone to inform him of what I would like to do. We will then set a time to go down to the stage during the week to try it out first and then dial it in. The last thing you need to do is waste all of your other band member’s time during rehearsal trying out new things. Do it in advance! Get together with your FOH Engineer and start a healthy loving relationship. It will do wonders for you and for your tone!

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