Lead more. Manage less.

One of the biggest obstacles to creating great weekend experiences and engaging environments within the church, is management.

Management isn’t unto itself, evil, but the “management mindset” keeps a lot of churches and organizations from being truly authentic and innovative.

The bottom line is, we need less managers and more leaders.

A manager is someone who, by definition, manages what’s been given to them. Their very job is to “maintain” the thing they’ve been put in charge of. Consequently, they work really well “within the box.” They thrive when a superior has given them a directive to be carried out but when the time comes to think outside the box, they get freaked out.

In fact, managers may know that the box is broken, but they’re powerless in their own minds to fix it. Instead, they search for people, often other churches, to tell them how to do the job that they themselves have been tasked with doing and often this search leads to complete paralysis.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with searching for a better process and bouncing ideas off a friend. We all need someone to tell us from time to time that we’re not crazy, but there’s a big difference between an opinion and instruction manual.

Managers want a manual.

Typically, the people looking for a manual ask me questions like this: “What ideas do you have for a church of 200 with no budget and no volunteers to start putting on service like what’s at COTM each week?”

I get it, you may have no idea how to get to where you want to go and you’d like some help. That’s reasonable. But the reality is, aside from some basic principles of leadership and growth, I don’t know nearly as much about your situation as you do.

There’s no way that in 10 minutes I could solve a problem like that. Every solution is unique, and thus it requires a gifted human being to solve it, but, that’s why God called YOU, and not me, to your church. So lead!

See, a leader is someone who has the courage to take a step of faith in a direction that they’re not completely familiar with. They don’t require all the details, they need just enough information to keep moving forward, and that’s how progress is made.

Today, there are countless blogs, conferences, messages and websites dedicated to helping grow and move churches forward, the problem, as I see it, isn’t a lack of information, it’s a lack of leadership.

What God has called you to do, He has also graced you to do. Lead.

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Whitney George
Lead Pastor
Whitney George is the Executive Pastor at Church on the Move, where he oversees the operations and ministries of the church. Whitney is passionate about the local church and loves connecting with other church leaders. He and his wife, Heather, have five children and he loves Notre Dame football.