Memory Verse Mania

I wanted to do a quick blog on a game we played in Kids on the Move this weekend. It was a big hit and it’s super simple.

Memory Verse Mania

Unscramble the Memory Verse
Faster time = more ping pong balls
Toss the ping pong balls into buckets to win prizes for everyone!

7 giant cards, each with part of the verse on it
5 buckets
10-15 ping pong balls

The game is in two parts. For the first, pick eight kids and hand seven of them a giant card with part of the series verse on it. We used 3’ x 2’ cards and had them printed out of house. Have the seven scramble up the verse and the remaining one put it in the right order as fast as he/she can. To keep track of the time, we created a little timer that counts up. Once the scripture is unscrambled, stop the timer. The first unscrambler wins two ping pong balls. Let’s say he did it in 55 seconds. Choose a new kid and up the ante. “If you can get it in 50 seconds, you’ll get another ping pong ball and you guys will have 3!” Continue this way until you have 5 - 10 or so won.

For the second part, think Bozo’s Grand Prize Game from back in the day. Bring out the five buckets and place them in a line. Give the contestant a spot to stand, facing the buckets. For each bucket he/she tosses a ping pong ball into, prizes are won for EVERYONE! We assigned the prizes as such:

BUCKET 1: KOTM bookmarks with the verse
BUCKET 2: Poppers (link)
BUCKET 3: Kazoos (link)
BUCKET 4: KOTM wristbands (link)
BUCKET 5: A CD with our new song (Jesus Is Alive Right Now [Remix])

Obviously, any assortment of prizes will work as long as the biggest prize is saved for the end. For the contestant, the odds of winning are in their favor if they’ve won a lot of ping pong balls.

Because everyone wins prizes, we didn’t split the room into teams. Everyone was after the same goal. We’ve also uploaded the slides, timer, bumper, and artwork for the cards and bookmark. You can download them here!

I’ve also included a couple of photos we snapped this weekend of the buckets so you can see how we built them.

Questions? Let us know in the comments below!



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