Anyone Can Play Guitar

Do you wish you could have an awesome, live band in your children’s ministry?

You totally can.

Every week in Kids on the Move we are very intentional about making our praise and worship, concert big. It might seem like we spend countless hours finding the right musicians and rehearsing. We really don’t. Before I get into talking about how we make it happen, let me say we do perform some songs with a live band, but it’s not the norm.

We use tracks. They’re tried and true. They sound great. They make rehearsal a snap and are virtually plug and play. We just add our own twist. Check out the photo below.

KOTM - Easter

This was taken during one of our weekend services. The band is performing Tell the World by Hillsong Kids, which you can get on DVD. There’s one lead singer, two guitar players, and six dancers. Our two guitar players are not plugged in. They’re just rockin’ out. They do know what parts to play, so they don’t totally give the gig away, but our main objective with them is energy. Then comes the dancers, my favorite part. They bring enormous amounts of energy to the stage. Our dance team is comprised of aspiring singers, musicians, and young people who love to serve. Every song we do has moves that are easy to follow, and we teach the dance team these moves every Thursday evening.

The key is energy. Do everything you can to put bodies on the stage. Don’t have a great singer to lead? Just let them sing along to a track that has lead vocals on it. Don’t have great musicians? Invite younger players who want experience on the stage to play fake guitar and jump around. Make them watch their favorite bands and mimic them.

Start by downloading I Love My Bible, then run to your local Christian Bookstore and get all the Hillsong Kids DVDs. Pick the songs you want to do for this weekend and teach the moves to the dancers on your team. Tell them to wear brightly colored shirts, bandanas around their heads, and bring their guitars. You’re on your way!

Questions? Comments? Let’s talk about how you’re making it work at your church! You can leave a comment below.

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