Production Gear List

Prior to Seeds Conference, we compiled a list of production gear currently in use in our 3 auditoriums. This is by no means some type of comprehensive list that you must obtain to be worthy—not at all. Just happens to be what we are using at the moment—and the gear does change and morph a bit from time to time depending on the specific need and/or set change.

Is this the best of the best? Not necessarily...but there is a lot of incredible equipment here that we are privileged to use; But all of it, the cool and the not-so-cool, serves the needs of COTM nicely.

Being a total nerd inside despite my amazingly rugged exterior.....I’ve always enjoyed looking over the gear lists of different bands, venue, churches, etc. as it can sometimes articulate the flavor of what’s going on. We spend a lot of time and energy trying to find the right piece of gear to help our staff do what we do best—check it out. Click here to download.

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Andrew Stone
Production Manager
Andrew Stone is the Production Manager and Audio Director at Church on the Move in Tulsa, OK. His 27 years of touring experience have brought a unique, and sometimes unorthodox, perspective to his approach towards production in the church. He has been a key part of changing the culture behind COTM's live events and he loves sharing his knowledge with other churches. He's been married for 20 years, rarely wears anything but black, and genuinely loves to rock. You can find him on Twitter (@stone_rocks), Instagram (, and is a blog contributor on Seeds, COTM's free resource site.